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Most Wound Care specialists report spending at least ten hours per week completing paperwork and administrative tasks, resulting in burnout and decreased revenues.

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Wound Care Billing and Coding Challenges:

It is common for family physicians to provide wound care to their patients. For wound care, it is paramount to code and bill correctly in order to ensure that appropriate payment is made and to avoid potential allegations of fraud or abuse. A challenge in this regard is determining when to report chemical cauterization of granulation tissue as opposed to debridement, particularly as it pertains to Medicare patients.

Insurance does not cover all types of wound care, and those that are covered require a series of administrative activities, such as adequate documentation and accurate coding. It is the provider's responsibility to determine whether the wound treatment falls within medical necessity guidelines and whether the patient's insurance policy covers it. Knowledge of insurance coverage policies, medical necessity guidelines, and prior authorization requirements is required in order to accomplish this task.


Key Challenges to Wound Care Billing and Coding are:

What You Need To Know About Wound Care Billing

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Description of the wound:

It is necessary to provide a detailed description of the wound, including its size, appearance, presence of infection, or any other underlying medical problem. Detailed information regarding the treatment of the tissues should be included in the documentation provided.
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Methodology of treatment:

Detailed information should be provided regarding the debridement method as well as the tissue layers that were subjected to debridement during the procedure.
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Step-by-step instructions:

Providing a step-by-step overview and documentation of the healing process as well as any other new medical interventions, such as a biopsy, podiatric consultation, or vascular intervention, is also important.

Why Outsource Wound Care billing to Wise Medical Billing (WMB)

Wound care coding and billing has become an overwhelming task for private practices due to the increasing number of patients. To achieve quality assurance measures and the highest reimbursements, wound care billing and coding should be outsourced to a specialist Wound Care Medical billing company like Wise Medical Billing.

We take care of Everything:
As part of our Wound Care billing services, we handle patient scheduling, coding, and submitting claims. We also handle denials and rejections, compliance charting and coding, payer adjustments and paybacks, as well as bill collection. Due to our process effectiveness, clients tell us that our services increase their revenue so much that they do not consider them a cost.
Expert Wound Care Billing and Coding Team:
As medical billing guidelines continue to evolve under CMS/AMA/AAPC/ACA, our billing and coding professionals stay current to meet these challenges. Along with following up on unpaid or partially paid claims regularly, handling rejections, and appealing insurance denials in accordance with the billing guidelines, we pursue every dollar owed.
Expert AR Management:
As a leading provider of Medical Billing services, we are proud to have successfully pursued payment for old and aging claims for our clients. Our company believes that every cent counts for our clients. A powerful AR management system and a professional AR team enable us to pursue those old and aging claims that our clients have lost hope of collecting.
Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support:
WMB recognizes the importance of prompt and easy communication between the billing company and the client. Our team of experienced and professional Customer Support representatives ensures that there is no lag in communication. You will be able to reach a dedicated Support representative by telephone, email, or text message at any time.

As a result of the support of a qualified revenue cycle management company, such as Wise Medical Billing (WMB), you will not only reduce operating costs, but you will also improve efficiency, increase patient volume, as well as increase revenue by focusing on the patient’s needs.

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