Ophthalmology Medical Billing

As the population ages, the demand for ophthalmologists is steadily increasing. Efficiency is required before and after the patient visit due to increase in patient volumes.

There is a need for a solution that is tailored for ophthalmologist’s , provides them with automated procedures throughout their visits, and add value to their practice’s profitability.

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Challenges in Ophthalmology Medical Billing

The challenges that healthcare spending faces in any doctor's office directly affect revenue and reimbursement cycles. In addition, they influence the development of ophthalmic practice. Errors in billing or medical coding may result in claims being denied, non-payment and possible audits.

Ophthalmology Coding Issues:

Two Set of Codes:In contradiction to other specialties, ophthalmologists bill two different set of codes that is Eye codes and E/M codes. Right codes should be selected in order to get paid.

This depends on the following factors:

Overbilling is unethical. In addition to resulting in higher payments, this practice is also considered an abuse of Medicare.
Incorrect Modifiers:
Claims get denied due to wrong use of modifiers and therefore affect payments. It is imperative for providers to be well informed as to when to use technical and professional modifiers in ophthalmology.
Imperfect Documentation:
Medical necessity must be correctly documented during the documentation process. Incomplete information can lead to rejections and denials hence effecting the overall revenue.

End to end Solutions to Ophthalmology Billing issues:

Key eye care billing challenges include understanding when to bill for health and eye care insurance, routine eye care checkups and using the right coding and qualifications.
Based on extensive experience in this area, we have identified a set of key processes that help ophthalmologists improve the speed of data collection.
WMB helps you bill visits, consultations, interventions and surgeries correctly. Our team works closely with insurance companies to monitor your claims to minimize denials and payment delays. Our objective is to help you reduce your operational costs by 35% to 45%.


Aside from implementing processes to ensure reimbursement for services rendered, we can also assist you in identifying ways to increase your collection of receivables by applying extra effort. The highlights of our services are:

Our Ophthalmology Billing Solutions:


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With WMB comprehensive end-to-end Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Ophthalmology, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and generate more revenue.

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