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WMB provides revenue cycle management services for offices, hospitals, specialty centers, imaging centers, and laboratories of all sizes across the country. We take care of the most boring tasks that require the special attention of an administrator. This includes scheduling appointments, verifying eligibility, resolving complaints and handling complaints in a timely manner. To ensure maximum reimbursement, our experienced medical claims professionals track every claim and amend any denials using our certified coders.

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Ensure reimbursement by submitting each claim accurately and on time

It is our responsibility to ensure that your claims are completed correctly and in a timely manner. Using state-of-the-art technology tools and experienced medical billers and coders, we ensure that your claims, no matter the size, are submitted within 24 hours of receipt. With an expedited complaints process, WMB guarantees our customers a timely refund.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your RCM Billing to Wise Medical Billing

Wise Medical Billing

Our Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line

Clean Claims Submission:

WMB brings together experienced medical auditors and technology to manually and electronically review each application prior to submission. To ensure that claims are handled correctly and efficiently, we warrant that there are no errors, mistakes or omissions in the information.

Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support:

We understand the importance of fast and easy communication between billing companies and their customers. 24/7 access to an experienced and professional customer support team to avoid communication delays. Dedicated support staff are always available via phone, email and SMS.

Knowledgeable Billing and Coding Team:

Our professional billers and coders stay current on medical billing policy changes by CMS/AMA/AAPC/ACA. In addition to regularly tracking unpaid or partially paid claims, processing denials, and filing insurance denial appeals in accordance with billing policies, we make sure every penny is collected.

Expert AR Management:

As a company, we pride ourselves on having our clients pay for old and out-of-date claims. We believe our clients deserve every penny for the services they provide and with the help of our aggressive AR management system and professional AR team, we now pursue claims that our clients have given up hope of getting.

Timely Filing:

Most revenue losses are caused by the failure to submit claims in a timely manner. In the medical practice, there is so much going on that it is challenging for the in-house staff to handle a high volume of claims and submit them on time. With its teams of professionals, WMB gets every claim processed within 24 hours of receipt. Through a blend of experts and technology, WMB verifies, collects, and corrects every claim in order to expedite the submission process. Reimbursement is expedited when the submission process is shortened.

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Having the support of a qualified revenue management company like Wise Medical Billing (WMB) not only reduces operating costs, but also increases efficiency by prioritizing patient needs, increasing patient numbers and increasing revenue.