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To maintain and attract new patients, quality patient care in your office is critical given the growing number of urologists in the field.

Increase patient satisfaction and improve the quality of patient care with a Urology Billing solution designed from the ground up with the needs of your urology practice in mind.

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Urology Billing Challenges

The urology billing and coding services provide billing and coding for diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions of the urinary system and of the male reproductive system. It is important to note that billing for urology services can be more complicated than for other specialties due to the nature of its codes and terminology.

A urology billing specialist is the only person qualified to handle the nuances of urology billing and coding. Due to its overlap with other specialties such as oncology, gastroenterology, andrology, pediatrics, endocrinology, and gynecology, urology is a challenging field to understand.

Coverage Limitations:

It is common for insurance companies to exclude or limit coverage for Urologists. Most insurance policies have complex rules defining what is covered and what is not. The patient should be informed of this when making an appointment in order to avoid receiving an unexpected bill.

Coding Issues:

As in all areas of medicine, billing and coding for Urology are complicated, so it makes sense to have them handled by professionals who specialize exclusively in revenue cycle management (RCM). Instead of practicing medicine and handling all the paperwork involved in processing claims with insurers and government payers, it is wise to hire professionals who specialize only in revenue cycle management (RCM).

A lack of consistency in payers' use of modifiers:

In coding, modifiers describe a diagnosis or treatment in detail and determine whether it is covered or not. Urology billing and coding are complex because insurers have different rules regarding modifiers, so it is necessary for coders to understand what each insurer uses to determine what will be covered.

Effect of Place of Service:

Urology procedures are commonly performed in offices, hospitals, and nursing homes, which may complicate the billing process. Modifiers must indicate where any given procedure was performed, or the claim may be denied, depending on the payer's Urology billing guidelines. Furthermore, an incorrect code elsewhere in the patient's chart may indicate an incorrect location, resulting in a conflict that will result in the claim being rejected until all details are correct.

Benefits of Outsourcing Urology Billing to Wise Medical Billing (WMB)

We take care of Everything:
As part of our Urology billing services, we handle patient scheduling, coding, and submitting claims. We also handle denials and rejections, compliance charting and coding, payer adjustments and paybacks, as well as bill collection. Due to our process effectiveness, clients tell us that our services increase their revenue so much that they do not consider them a cost.
Improve Patient Collections:
Besides collecting more money from payers, your practice also collects more money from patients. They are provided with convenient tools for engaging with your practice and easier methods of making payments and purchasing retail items, either in the office or on the go, leading to a 5-10% increase in patient collection rates and the ability to generate new revenue streams. By eliminating paper and phone calls from the intake process, your staff will be able to save 10-15 minutes per new patient.
Expert Urology Billing and Coding Team:
As Urology medical billing guidelines continue to evolve under CMS/AMA/AAPC/ACA, our billing and coding professionals stay current to meet these challenges. Along with following up on unpaid or partially paid claims regularly, handling rejections, and appealing insurance denials in accordance with the billing guidelines, we pursue every dollar owed.
Expert AR Management:
As a company, we are proud of our ability to successfully pursue the difficult task of obtaining payment for old and aging claims for our clients. Our firm believes that every single dollar our clients provide is worth every single cent. By utilizing an aggressive AR management system and a professional AR team, we pursue those old and aging claims our clients have lost hope of collecting.
Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support:
WMB recognizes the importance of prompt and easy communication between the billing company and the client. Our team of experienced and professional Customer Support representatives ensures that there is no lag in communication. You will be able to reach a dedicated Support representative by telephone, email, or text message at any time.

As a result of the support of a qualified revenue cycle management company, such as Wise Medical Billing (WMB), you will not only reduce operating costs, but you will also improve efficiency, increase patient volume, as well as increase revenue by focusing on the patient's needs.

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