Allergy and Immunology Medical Billing

The specialty of allergy and immunology relies heavily on detail to treat patients suffering from complex, chronic disorders, a detail that may not be available with one-size-fits-all medical billing and practice management solutions as well as EHR solutions.

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Medical Billing for Allergy/Immunology

Allergy and immunology medical billing services must deal with some details that are more complicated compared to other specialties. Therefore, outsourcing billing and coding to professionals like Wise Medical Billing who specialize in revenue cycle management (RCM) has become increasingly popular.

Why WMB for Allergy and Immunology Billing

When doctors and medical staff do not have to worry about filing claims, dealing with denials, and managing rejections, they are not only more productive but also happier. A company like Wise Medical Billing (WMB) can handle billing and coding efficiently, allowing them to focus on patient care rather than billing and coding. The benefits of outsourcing are evident in all fields of medicine, but allergy and immunology practices are particularly benefitted by it for these reasons below.

Cost Effective Solution

Physicians are facing rising costs for supplies and medications in immunology and allergy, both areas where payers have reduced reimbursement amounts. As profit margins are narrow, every service must be reimbursed, which necessitates the submission of accurate claims.

Coders and billers at WMB are certified and experienced in the Allergy and Immunology specialty, and our proprietary software automates coding processes and prevents errors. Dealing with rejections and denials is one of the costliest aspects of billing and revenue cycle management.
Clean Claims Submission
WMB with the combination of its experienced medical billers and technology makes sure that each and every claim gets scrubbed manually and electronically both before it is submitted. WMB will make sure that there is no error, mistake or missing information to keep claims submission accurate and efficient.
Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support
WMB understands the importance of fast and easy communication between the client and billing company. Our round the clock experienced and professional Customer support team makes sure that there is no lag in communication. A dedicated Support person is always available to take your calls, respond via email and text message.

Front Desk Scheduling and Data Entry Service:

Wise Medical Billing (WMB) provide dedicated and experienced Front Desk staff with dedicated phone line to schedule patient appointments, verify and updated demographic and patient insurance information, help patients in completing consent and practice intake forms and entering details in EMR/EHR software against each patient record by maintaining and following PHI and HIPAA laws.

You can rely on WMB to manage the entire revenue cycle of allergy and immunology practices

It is our mission to stay up-to-date on all the latest billing guidelines so that practitioners can focus on their practice rather than worrying about payers or bills

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