Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Billing

Obstetricians and gynecologists are responsible for a wide variety of primary care and complex medical conditions. It includes the most sensitive and important health stages in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, obstetricians/gynecologists rank third among physicians for burnout because of their wide range of duties and excessive bureaucracy.

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How OB&GYN Billing Works:

There are many patients that OB/GYN practitioners see. Some of whom attend yearly exams, while others receive ongoing treatment throughout pregnancy and childbirth. In order to avoid over- or under-coding, medical coders and billers need to be aware of all the components that are incorporated into bundled claims in order to avoid over or under-coding, which can result in charging too much, or charging too little, both of which are violations of the law and can have devastating results for a practice.

OB&GYN Billing and Coding Issues:

As in all areas of medicine, billing and coding for OB GYNs are complicated, so it makes sense to have them handled by professionals who specialize exclusively in revenue cycle management (RCM). Instead of practicing medicine and handling all the paperwork involved in processing claims with insurers and government payers, it is wise to hire professionals who specialize only in revenue cycle management (RCM).

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Bundled Claim:

It is not uncommon for payers and insurers to bundle prenatal and postnatal care into one claim, which means a practitioner will provide nine months of service before getting paid. Each claim is for a large amount, making it all the more important that the claim is not rejected or denied.
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Coverage Limitations:

It is common for insurance companies to exclude or limit coverage for obstetrics and gynecology. Most insurance policies have complex rules defining what is covered and what is not. The patient should be informed of this when making an appointment in order to avoid receiving an unexpected bill.

Our Solution to Challenges faced by OB&GYN Providers

Our professionals makes sure that there is no delay in correct claim submission. With our latest technology tools combined with experienced medical billers and coders, we will make sure that your claims are submitted within 24 hours of its receipt regardless of the volume. By fastening the Claims submission process, WMB makes sure that our client gets reimbursed on time.

Expert OB&GYN Billing and Coding Team:
Due to significant changes in CMS/AMA/AAPC/ACA medical billing policies, our professional billing officers and coders are actively addressing these issues. By regularly reviewing unpaid or partially paid claims, responding to denials, disputing denials, and adhering to claims policies, we protect every dollar of your money.
Expert AR Management:
WMB is proud to have successfully completed the difficult task of rewarding clients with old and aging AR. We believe every penny we collect for our clients service is worth it. Use our proactive AR management system and professional AR team to keep track of old debts that customers no longer expect to collect.
OB&GYN specific EMR/EHR software:
With OB&GYN comprehensive charting tools built in EMR/EHR software and with the OB Episodes module, providers are able to document a patient's progress during pregnancy in a single encounter, simplifying clinical documentation. Access to important patient information through the specific ACOG chapter that provides a central view of a patient's pregnancy to enhance patient care.
Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support:
WMB understands the importance of quick and easy communication between customers and billing companies. Our experienced and professional customer support team works 24/7 to ensure there are no communication delays. A dedicated support staff member is always available via phone, email or text.

WMB comprehensive end-to-end Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services for OB&GYN helps reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase revenue.

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