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The challenges psychiatrists and Mental health professionals face

It is hard to begin to understand the intricacies of billing and coding due to regular changes in guidelines and payer policies.

The following are some of the challenges associated with medical billing that are distinctive to the specialty of psychiatry.

Coding Issues:

It is essential to note that there are various regulations in the psychiatry billing for same services. For instance, a discrete code should specify whether the provider is a health center or not. This makes it hard for unskilled staff to fill out the request form correctly. Although necessary, additional codes are often used along with the main code. Coders must understand these codes to verify that both codes are present. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected.

Referrals Requirement

Psychiatrist get referrals usually from primary care physician. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the referral is made before the patient is treated. Most clinics try to make life easier for their patients by referring them to specialists who belong to the same insurance network. This means that psychiatrists should be accredited by as many insurance companies as possible.

Complex system of Coverage rules

Mental health and psychiatry are covered by three separate parts of Medicare. Part A is hospital insurance, Part B is health insurance, and Part D is prescription medicine. The application process is very complex and need special trainings, as patients can purchase different options or additional insurance for each benefit.

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An increased number of population makes psychiatry a challenging field for physicians. The additional stress of administrative management can be eliminated. Outsourcing billing to Wise Medical Billing is a way to alleviate this problem.
Certified and Trained Staff:
Our coders and billers are certified. This means that they understand to rectify claims having issues in a timely manner. By reducing time spent appealing and collecting payments on denied and rejected claims, we save more than we charge.
Real Time Eligibility Verification:
It is especially critical to verify benefits before any treatment is given that is not approved, as the Psychiatry or Mental health providers will not be reimbursed.
WMB's team of trained professionals ensures that proposed actions are incorporated into the patient's plan, ensuring that services provided are reimbursed.

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