Medical Billing Credentialing Services

Improve Your Revenue by Getting In-Network Providers Credentialing Services

Healthcare professionals such as providers, hospitals, labs, ER centers, urgent care centers, who wish to bill insurances as providers in their network must go through a complex certification process.

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Who Needs Credentialing Services

Payers can delay or refuse to pay unlicensed and unregistered doctors. This has a negative effect on the financial results of the clinic. You can avail our services if you are or in need of:

Our Credentialing Process includes

We take care of all your accreditation and registration needs. We will complete and process the application, send it to the insurances, we regularly follow up on each application to ensure that our clients get in-network on time.

Wise Medical Billing

WMB Credentialing and Enrollment Services includes:

Wise Medical Billing
New Registrations/Renewals of an Individual Provider
CAQH Attestation
Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. eliminates redundant and inefficient administrative processes between health plans and providers for credentialing, directory maintenance, coordination of benefits, and other essential business functions.
Wise Medical Billing

Advantages of Using Our Credentialing and Enrollment Services

We offer Provider Credentialing services as part of our full service billing solution with a very affordable per insurance plan fee

Let WMB experts help you get through the complicated web of payer and insurer requirements today. Reach out to us to speak to our Experts.

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