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Oncology practices are at the forefront of battling cancer, offering care and hope to patients during some of their most challenging times. This field, however, involves complex treatment regimens, high-cost medications, and extensive patient care coordination, all of which contribute to a billing landscape that requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.

For years, we at Wise Medical Billing have been the most trusted partner of oncology practices across the U.S. to take care of their billing needs.

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Our team is well-versed in the nuances of oncology billing, including the unique codes and regulations specific to cancer treatment and therapies.

From claim submission to verifying coding accuracy, payment posting, and AR follow-up, we meticulously manage every step of your revenue cycle to help you streamline operations, enhance patient care, and optimize financial performance.

We stay ahead of evolving industry requirements and configure our solution to ensure your claims are fully compliant with HIPAA, Medicare, and Medicaid and meet the highest standards of accuracy.

Simplifying Complexities , Streamlining Revenue Cycle

We understand that every oncology practice is different. Our services are customized to meet your practice’s specific requirements and goals. Our system integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management software to help you minimize denials, improve cash flow, and maximize revenue.

Eligibility Verification

Accurate and timely eligibility verification is the cornerstone of efficient oncology practice management.

Our eligibility verification services are designed to streamline your billing process, reduce claim denials, and optimize revenue cycles.

Our experts examine whether a patient’s insurance plan covers the required oncology treatments and services, check limits for specific treatments, identify treatments that require pre-authorization, and determine deductibles and co-payments to ensure maximum reimbursements.


AR Management

Effective AR management is key to maintaining a healthy cash flow in oncology practices.
Our experts employ advanced strategies and utilize the latest tools and technologies to track, manage, and collect payments in an accurate and efficient manner.

We ensure that the unpaid claims are followed up in a timely manner and AR days are kept to a minimum so that you receive payments for the rendered services on time.

Denial Management

Denial management is an integral component of revenue cycle management in oncology practices.

We help practices prevent revenue losses due to claim rejections and ensure that every single claim is optimized for maximum reimbursement.

Our experts keep track of every submitted claim, identify the reasons for claim denials, correct any errors, and resubmit claims within the stipulated timeline to minimize revenue loss.

Payment Posting

Accurate and timely payment posting ensures that your oncology practice receives the maximum reimbursement for services rendered, reducing lost revenue due to delays.
We offer payment posting services to streamline your revenue cycle and ensure that your practice is compensated accurately and promptly.
Our experts ensure all payments are accounted for in a timely manner, resolve any discrepancies quickly, and keep your accounts receivable up-to-date to provide you with a clear picture of your practice’s financial health.

Why is Wise Medical Billing Your Best Choice?

Our billing expertise goes far beyond the conventional boundaries. We act as an extension of your existing team to help you elevate your financial success. Here’s why oncology physicians in the country entrust their billing and coding to WMB.
Extensive Expertise
We have proven experience working with oncology facilities of all sizes. Over the years, we have worked with leading hospitals and healthcare systems to help them set new standards for operational excellence and achieve financial prosperity.
We understand how accessibility is important for oncology practices to keep their billing processes running smoothly. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the billing partner you choose is always within reach. We make ourselves available 24/7 through phone calls and email to provide you with support with your billing and respond to your inquiries.
Expert AR Management:
As a leading provider of Medical Billing services, we are proud to have successfully pursued payment for old and aging claims for our clients. Our company believes that every cent counts for our clients. A powerful AR management system and a professional AR team enable us to pursue those old and aging claims that our clients have lost hope of collecting.
A strong and lasting relationship is built around clear and consistent communication. We keep you informed at every stage of the billing process, providing regular updates and detailed reports that give you a clear picture of your financial health of your practice.
We conduct a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your oncology billing and provide regular reports that help you track key performance indicators, identify opportunities for improvement, and make key decisions about your oncology practice.
Your Journey Towards Seamless Oncology Billing Begins Here
While you focus on delivering unparalleled care to save the lives of cancer patients, let our unprecedented expertise be your guiding light.
Partner with us to experience the peace of mind of having a team of seasonal coding experts managing your revenue cycle.
Reach out to us to explore the transformative impact we can make to strengthen your oncology practice's financial health.

With WMB comprehensive end-to-end Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Dermatology, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and generate more revenue.

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