Ambulatory Surgery Center Medical Billing

Although Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) offer a different type of services and often include multiple providers, they face the same billing challenges as hospitals but have limited medical staff. Outsourcing your medical billing to Wise Medical Billing frees you from the burden of keeping track of the complex maze of coding as you complete an ASC.

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Our Structured Revenue Cycle Management to Reduce Cost and Improve Reimbursements

Wise Medical Billing eliminates billing complexities, resulting in an increase in revenue for Asc`s.

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WMB Aggressive and Detail oriented approach towards complexities faced by ASC`s.

Regular Billing and Coding Updates

With frequent changes in laws, compliance and coding for ASC s, WMB expert’s medical billers and coders keep a keen eye on all these changes. They make sure all billing systems and technology used are up to date, protecting patient information while also ensuring accurate billing in order to maximize reimbursement for the clientele.

ASC`s Specific Coding Requirements

All healthcare facilities use the same billing code, but surgeries often require many modifiers. If a qualification is missing or not applied correctly, the entire claim will be rejected.
As part of WMB's standard process, auditors manually and electronically verify each application to ensure it contains correct code data before submission.

Verification of Benefits

Providers can deliver the same services in ASCs as in a hospital, but there are restrictions on reimbursement. If ASC s are not getting the required reimbursements, so it is particularly important to assess the benefits of unapproved treatments and acts before prescribing them.
Our team makes sure that necessary information regarding patient benefits and coverage is obtained on time to avoid claim denials and rejections.

Why Us as your ASC Billing and coding Partner

Our end to end solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of ASC s. Our certified and professional staff following proper up to date state and CMS guidelines, makes sure that claims are correctly submitted on time, hence improving the overall revenue of our clients.

WMB is the preferred choice of ASCs nationwide

With WMB's comprehensive solution for ASC s, you can look forward to decreasing reimbursement cycle, increasing revenue and maximizing profit margins.

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