An end-to-end Billing solution designed to increase your Radiology and Imaging center revenue, alleviate your staffing issues, and reduce your operating costs

As a medical specialty, radiology practitioners do not always see their patients directly. Radiologists are trained to perform physical examinations and to perform face-to-face consultations, but their specialty is the use of sophisticated imaging technology to diagnose diseases. In contrast to other types of medical billing, radiology billing is unique.

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A comprehensive range of medical billing solutions is offered by Wise Medical Billing to meet the unique needs of your imaging facility in the USA. Our radiology revenue cycle management (RCM) services include accounts receivable (AR recovery), electronic health records/electronic medical records (EHR/EMR) technologies, practice management, and patient engagement.

In order to provide radiology billing services, accurate imaging billing and coding services, daily claim processing, and persistent follow-up on all denials are critical. Certified billing specialists at WMB have specialized knowledge and experience regarding coding and billing requirements specific to mobile imaging, radiology, and freestanding imaging.

Unlike other billing companies, Wise Medical Billing handles the complicated web of coding for Radiology and Imaging Centers.

CPT codes are divided into two categories according to the services provided by radiology practices and imaging centers. Coding these codes can be challenging. As a result of inaccurate modifications to CPT codes, many imaging centers and radiology providers are seeing denied claims. However, with WMB imaging medical billing solutions, you are able to rest assured that you will receive compensation for the time and care you have provided to patients. This is both technically and professionally. It is important to note that free-standing imaging centers, mobile imaging (such as x-rays and ultrasounds), and free-standing radiology equipment pose additional collection challenges.

Professionals with a strong attention to detail

According to our experience, you are not primarily concerned with understanding complicated regulations and coding requirements. Your primary goal is to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible.

The billing and Coding professionals at Wise Medical Billing are detail-oriented and have special expertise in proving medical necessity. As part of our review of patient records, we assign the appropriate diagnosis codes to claims containing only a rule-out diagnosis. Your claim will be reimbursed quickly and in a timely manner.

Why WMB Radiology and Imaging Center Billing Services?

In addition to helping you overcome current operational challenges, WMB offers end-to-end Radiology and Imaging center billing services to help you avoid future challenges when healthcare rules and regulations are continually changing. With its expert Account Receivable (AR) team, WMB can not only manage your current and new billing, but it can also recover payments from old and aging accounts as old as one year.

With WMB Laboratory Billing Solution, you will Get:

Timely Filling Importance:

Timely filling denials can significantly hurt a medical practice`s bottom line. To avoid such denials and get maximum and timely reimbursements, WMB makes sure that,
Accurate insurance information is captured so that claims are filled to the correct payer.
WMB teams pay close attention to traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. While traditional Medicare allows the claims to be filed for up to 12 months from the date of service, most Medicare Advantage plans have 90-day filing limit.
WMB expert follow up teams follow up on unpaid claims every 15 days to ensure that claim has reached the correct payer.
WMB teams make sure that all progress notes and procedure reports are singed in a timely manner so that corresponding claims can be submitted for payments.
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