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Generally, gastroenterologists divide their time between the office and the hospital – more than 50 hours per week – and they spend more than 10 hours each day on paperwork.

With our medical billing services, you will always be able to focus on patient-oriented services and maximize revenues. With our gastroenterology billing revenue cycle management, your practice will succeed with scalability and efficiency.

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Regardless of whether the gastroenterology practice is located in a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center, even simple procedures involve many components. It is imperative that all of these parts are represented in the codes that are submitted for billing, and any part that is missing or inconsistent will result in the claim being rejected.


Coding Issues

It is common for gastroenterologists to perform procedures at different facilities and with different teams. Billing codes for gastroenterology services should reflect both who was involved and what kind of facility was used, as well as what was performed. Physicians and attending medical professionals must be identified, but not necessarily separately, as some procedures are combined.

The issue of staff burnout

There is a great deal of detail involved, which contributes to physicians spending more and more time on paperwork and having less time and energy to provide patient care. As a result, almost all of the administrative work related to gastroenterology practice billing, Revenue Cycle Management services can be outsourced to medical billing companies like Wise Medical Billing, which specializes exclusively in this area.

Denials and Rejections

Even the slightest error or mismatch in information is enough to cause a payer to reject a claim. Moving from one location to another can make it difficult to ensure that the patient's chart is up-to-date, but any mismatch will result in a rejection. Medical professionals can focus on patient care by outsourcing the medical billing process to a dedicated team of certified specialists while the billers ensure the practice is paid for its services.

Utilization of the right technology

With configurable templates and mobile access, you can streamline the patient encounter and simplify coding, whether you are screening for colorectal cancer or treating someone with colitis.

Administrative efficiency

Practice management software that is intuitive relieves you and your staff of administrative burdens. When you are evaluating your patients with the latest scoping technology, why do you use cumbersome, outdated software for managing appointments, storing patient profiles, and billing?

Improve Collections

Revenue cycle management experts experienced in gastroenterology can help boost profitability and free up more time for patients by automating billing rules embedded in claim workflows.

Expert Gastroenterology Billing and Coding Team

As medical billing guidelines continue to evolve under CMS/AMA/AAPC/ACA, our billing and coding professionals stay current to meet these challenges. Along with following up on unpaid or partially paid claims regularly, handling rejections, and appealing insurance denials in accordance with the billing guidelines, we pursue every dollar owed.

Expert AR Management

As a company, we are proud of our ability to successfully pursue the difficult task of obtaining payment for old and aging claims for our clients. Our firm believes that every single dollar our clients provide is worth every single cent. By utilizing an aggressive AR management system and a professional Account Receivable team, we pursue those old and aging claims our clients have lost hope of collecting.

Fast and Easy Access to Customer Support

WMB recognizes the importance of prompt and easy communication between the billing company and the client. Our team of experienced and professional Customer Support representatives ensures that there is no lag in communication. You will be able to reach a dedicated Support representative by telephone, email, or text message at any time.

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